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An excellent thought put in to a reality. Wishing Ek Padaav team all the success for this great social work.

Vandana and Siddhartha

Being a Social Reformer, I’m so delighted to express my gratefulness to the divine work Ek Padaav have planned to undertake for our MENTOR - Elder Generation. This revolutionary initiative will project a landmark in the society by fulfilling the dreams of elders at this phase of life.

Saraswati Kalyani

The most beautiful part of life is its ability to grow and unfold slowly. Our parents watched us grow slowly from a small baby incapable of eating their food to an adult who can steer a car and official meetings. Now, It’s high time that we take care our elderly parents now through Ek Padaav. I am a true supporter and will always contribute Ek Padaav in meeting the objectives. Keep going.

Aprajita Vardan

Ek padaav is an initiative which is really commendable. In India, when people start ageing, they tend to just live their life but forget to enjoy it. If Ek Padaav can make their lives easier, lively and fill the emptiness then there is no greater service than this. After all they too deserve to be very happy.

Adarsh Verma

We are impressed with the concept derived by Ek Padaav team. In today’s society, we need many such organizations. We support and give our best wishes to the team.

Madhu Agarwal