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Secure Your Future

We all have been taught by our parents and elders to secure our future. For this, we took life insurances at an early age to secure the future of our family after us. We also took Health insurances or medi claims policies to face the odd times related to our health. We also kept saving money for our children for their career prospects. But while fulfilling all these responsibilities, we forgot to secure our old age except that we saved some money as an retirement fund. The truth is that money cant get you everything when Old ageing is a truth which will happen with everyone who is born on this earth.

Ek Padaav provides the opportunity to secure your old age explained as below:

- Considering your present age as 35 and retirement age as 55, you have 20 yrs to invest and secure your future. At the present security deposit rate of Rs 5,00,000, you can secure your future by depositing this amount in equal instalments in 20 yrs on a monthly basis i.e. 2000/- per month only.
- The deposit shall be used to build more facility for Ek Padaav family members.
-At the time of retirement, on a one months notice, you can join at any Ek Padaav facility subject to availability.
- No more security deposit  at the time of joining whatever the rate may prevail at that time.
-This deposit if non refundable.
- The monthly operation charges shall be as per actual prevailing at that time.


So, register and secure your old age.