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Do old age homes truly require in our society? Can’t we look after our aged parents ourselves? Earlier in our society, we used to have a strong joint family system. All the people in a family used to live together, sharing happiness, sorrow, and be together at all times. 
But now in today's modern world where Indians are adapting the western culture by choice or by force, the families are becoming smaller and smaller. Mostly just the Parents and Children. The children move into different cities for work and growth in future leaving their parents behind.&

We live in an era where luxurious are set on high priority rather than human values. People sometimes fail to understand the needs and expectations of their elder ones.  Some elders are dependent on their children in monetary terms, some rely on retirement and pensions and the other is just penniless and unfortunate. All of them desires to spend a peaceful living for the rest of the life. Parents are the real jewels of our life. They need to keep secure. Their priceless contribution and experience support us in every stage of life. Caring parents is our respons

Youth does not stay forever with us- it’s a bitter truth that is faced by each and every individual. Still, everybody has to go through this stage.  
An age when the old people get resigned from their work,refresh their past memories and spend time with their kith and kins.They share experiences with their grandchildren and make them learn the lessons of life.Spending time with their grandchildren is the most lovable thing done by the elders at this 
Some people consider this age as a curse because at