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Ek Padaav welcomes and support the youth of India to come forward open a  “Padaav” at every home for our elders who really need us at old age.

If you are atleast a graduate qualified, sincere, dedicated, loyal, passionate, patient with whatever you do, then EK Padaav can offer you an opportunity to open your own “Padaav”. You need to have the following:-

-A minimum of 4-5 BHK flat with a lawn in front preferable near to a hospital. Rental option is also ok.
- Potential to identify the needy elders from the society and inviting them to join EK Padaav family.
- You should possess a vehicle.
- Ek Padaav shall support with 50% in all expenses incurred during setting up.

You can contribute your skills and time and can even earn remuneration by taking care of them. Come and be a partner for this cause. EK Padaav shall provide assistance, training and stand with you in setting up and extending the Ek Padaav family. The operational guidelines and rule book have to be strictly adhered with.



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