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Our Team

EK Padaav team is full of professionals from various fields who have volunteered them to devote sometime in managing social responsibility through Ek Padaav.

Name: Ankur Goel

Designation: Founder and Chairman

Ankur Goel is a professional civil engineer and a management expert from Real Estate and Hospitality industry. He believes that the true happiness of life lies within us and hence our deeds and actions shall be a reflection of what we really think about humanity, society and relations. It is his vision and strong zeal towards elderly welfare and society’s enrichment that has resulted in creating Ek Padaav foundation. He aims to take Ek Padaav to greater heights in all other fields such as education, medical, women empowerment, child welfare, youth employment etc. 

Name: Sushil Kumar Goel

Designation: President

Mr. Goel is a retired bank professional and has been an inspiration to form Ek Padaav. It is his dedication, efforts  and a dream  towards opening up such an organization which inspired the team to form Ek Padaav. 

Name: Rashmi Goel

Designation: Vice President

Rashmi Goel is a B Com graduate, Diploma in PR and has accomplished her Masters in Human Resource Management.  She is a kind hearted woman with pure heart and soul . She has a passion to do Event Management, organizing cultural activities, get along well with senior people. At Ek Padaav, she has taken the responsibility to nurture the livelihood and philosophy behind Ek Padaav. 

Name: Amit Gaurav Singh

Designation: Legal Advisor

Amit Gaurav Singh is an Advocate on Record at Supreme Court of India. He has been assisting Ek Padaav in setting and framing up legal rules so that our elders who are coming with us are secure legally at all times. He has been a volunteer too in setting up the infrastructure.

Here is the list of other distinguished Members of Ek Padaav, who had struggled hard in establishing a professional, supporting, caring, non-profitable Home for the Old Aged.
  • Neelima Goel
  • Asha Verma
  • Rajiv Agarwal
  • Madhu Agarwal
  • Saraswati Kalyani
  • Adarsh Verma
  • Sudhalika Verma
  • Prem Verma