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There is a stage in everyone’s life when one starts reaching an age where body and soul doesn’t allow working hard. “Ek Padaav” is conceived with a thought for those people/ parents who are living alone in the society and need attention.

“Ek Padaav” is the new hope to cherish their lives, giving them a sense of completeness in life, entertainment, satisfaction and a family in their neighbourhood where they fulfil their dreams.

Ek Padaav
A Trusted Living Spaces for Senior Citizens.


Dining Facility

  • Only Vegetarian Menu
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner meals included with choice among multiple meals
  • Morning and Evening Tea Included
  • Room Service Available on chargeable basis except for medical and ill health reasons
  • Snacks at canteen available 24 x 7 on chargeable basis

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Medical and Emergencies

  • Mediclaim Insurance for all major diseases
  • 24  X 7 ambulance available
  • Weekly visit of Doctors for regular health checkups: Allopathic Doctor | Homeopathic Doctor | Physiotherapist
  • All diagnostics or medicines referred by Doctors shall be facilitated and managed by Ek Padaav but all payments shall be paid by resident only
  • Full time nurse available to check on your regular medicines
  • Dedicated nurse available on chargeable basis.

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  • Daily Room Cleaning
  • Garbage Pickup
  • Common Area Maintenance
  • Laundry Services for bed and room furnishings
  • Paid Laundry services for personalized clothing

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  • On call chargeable transport available to go locally and intercity
  • If you need assistance during travelling, a person can accompany you on nominal chargeable basis who will look after you at all times

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Health & Welness

  • Highest standard of hygiene and sanitation facility
  • Morning Yoga
  • Evening Meditation

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  • Camera monitoring of all common areas
  • 24 x 7 Gated Securities

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With the grace of God and blessings of our parents and elders, Ek Padaav was formed on 30 Sept 2017. Register your name at earliest for us to welcome you at Ek Padaav family.


Ek Padaav shall commence its ground operations from January 2018


Feeling deprived of everything? Check your eligibility and get enroll yourself with Ek Padaav.


High class amenities are provided to the elderly people to enjoy dignified living. Go through the “Amenities” section.


Ek Padaav welcomes the investors to invest money in their projects.


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Are you worrying about your future? Now, you can also secure your future with us by saving your money at our place and make your home locked for the near future.

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Business firms serve their services to the society and accomplish their social responsibilities. They can contribute to our old age homes in monetary terms or by providing some quality services to old people.


Join our hands to help the needy elderly person to make their life better. We impart a dignified living to the old age people who are deprived of everything they deserve to be.

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You can also be the part of us just by investing money in our projects. Contribute with us in our aim to enhance the quality of life of elderly persons. Make money and serve mankind.

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Ek Padaav creates a rejuvenating living experience for the old people by facilitating activities like meditation, yoga, gaming, spiritual and much more. This unique experience will ultimately leads to active ageing.


Old age should not be a curse but a blessing

2017-02-14 12:34:09 Ek Padaav Team

Youth does not stay forever with us- it’s a bitter truth that is faced by each and every individual. Still, everybody has to go through this stage.  

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Shifting our elders to old age homes is not a bad thing

2017-02-16 12:52:28 Ek Padaav Team

We live in an era where luxurious are set on high priority rather than human values. People sometimes fail to understand the needs and expectations of their elder ones.  Some e

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Why old age homes are necessary

2017-02-16 15:49:36 Ek Padaav Team

Do old age homes truly require in our society? Can’t we look after our aged parents ourselves? Earlier in our society, we used to have a strong joint family system. All the pe

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Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.


Now, the power is in your hands even at your old age also. Ek Padaav lets you cherish happiness and live your life with dignity and respect. You will feel like a home being away from home.


Ek Padaav demands young professionals to lend helping hands to the old age people and help us build a better living atmosphere for the needy.


Ek Padaav helps you to earn blessings from old age people by donating your support and time. It provides you with an opportunity to embrace our social cause for the better living of the needy.